Cafe Yaffo

Cafe Yaffo was born out of a great love to a city, which its contrasts and edges exist in perfect harmony: the old with the new, Jew, Christian and Muslim, the vendor with the artist, the architecture with the street.
This unique harmony has brought Orna Givon and her husband Nir, to establish Caffe Yaffo, a kosher restaurant in the heart of the Flea Market.

What is the secret charm of the place? Hard to tell …
maybe it's the special texture of tastes, that Orna's daughter is responsible for – chef Roni Rivlin (that has been standing in the kitchen from the day she could walk).
Perhaps it is the unique structure, with eclectic decor and multi styles. Maybe those music nights, concerts, events, with various singers and bands, that touch the heart, from blues and soul through the Mediterranean basin to Spain.
Perhaps these unique cultural tours, departing from Caffe Yaffo all over the city, under the guidance of the original actors and artists.

And maybe, just maybe these things together, just like Jaffa, also live here, in the same harmony.

Contact Us

11 Oley Tzion, Yaffo (The Fleamarket)
Tel. 03-5181988
Fax. 03-5180564

Opening Hours
Sun.-Thur. 9:00-23:00
Friday – 9:00 – 1 hour before Shabbat
Shabbat – 1 and half hour after Shabbat – 23:00

Sun.-Thur. 9:00-12:00
Friday – Till Shabbat

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