The Italian Menu

125 NIS per person + 15% service

All courses are served to the center of the table in a sharing style dining experience. Our menus are assembled with 10 years of experience according to our most popular dishes (calculated quantities: one dish from the menu per every four people).

Served dishes:

Roni's Salad
Iceberg lettuce, red onions, cranberries, hazel nuts and almonds
in Balsamic-date honey dressing, with Manchego cheese

Portobella Pizza
Onion, Portobello mushrooms and parmesan

Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni
Pasta rolls filled with Spinach and Ricotta in Rose sauce with mozzarella cheese

Mushrooms and Cream Penne
Champignon and Portobello mushrooms stir fried with butter, white wine and cream

Sweet Potato Ravioli
In piquant sun-dried tomato butter, pine nuts and Manchego cheese

Pecan Pie
Classic pie, served warm

Baked Cheese Cake
Velvety and served cold with Berries sauce

Pitcher of lemonade/orange juice
Hot: Italian coffee, cappuccino, espresso, tea, Turkish, etc
* For unlimited House wine and beer add 40 NIS per person