English menu


Couscous with Vegetables | 62
A hearty dish with cooked vegetables, served with love

Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni | 62
Pasta rolls filled with Spinach and Ricotta in Rose sauce with mozzarella cheese

Lentil 'Meatballs' | 71
In coconut milk and spinach sauce, on a bed of rice

Vegan Hriime | 76
Best you've ever had; tofu patties in peppers and coriander sauce, served with rice


We also serve Gluten Free pasta (Add 5 NIS) | Vegan | Whole Wheat

Mushrooms and Cream Carousel | 59
Champignon and Portobello mushrooms stir fried with butter, white wine and cream

Bossiata Romana | 59
Fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, zucchini, basil and parsley

Sweet Potato Ravioli | 62
In piquant sun-dried tomato butter, a touch of pine nuts and Manchego cheese

Cheese Gnocchi | 62
In cream and hazel nut butter sauce

Piquant Eggplant Pasta | 62
Black Linguine pasta with eggplants, peppers and a touch of tomatoes

Salmon Fettuccine | 75
Stir fried salmon in pesto and cream sauce, with Manchego cheese and pine nuts
*Add stir fried salmon to any pasta 15 NIS


All pizzas can be made vegan without cheese and topped with fresh arugula leaves

Margarita | 54
Tomato sauce and quality Mozzarella cheese

Portobella | 62
Onion, Portobello mushrooms and parmesan

Mediterranean | 62
Tomatoes, red onions, black olives and Feta cheese

White Jaffa | 62
White Pizza, No tomato sauce; with parmesan, Feta cheese, green olives, and a 'sunny side up' egg

Goat Cheese | 62
No tomato sauce; with pesto, goat cheese, Mozzarella and parmesan

Vegetables 4 NIS – onions, tomatoes, black/green olives
Special Toppings 6 NIS – sun-dried tomatoes, fried egg, Portobello mushrooms
Cheese/Fish 9 NIS – anchovies, tuna, smoked salmon, Mozzarella, Feta, goat, Parmesan


Levinsky Market Vine Leaves | 29
Slightly sour rice filled vine leaves in yogurt and peppers-salsa dressing, 5 pc.

Beetroot Raviolo | 37
Baked mini beetroot filled with goat cheese, cranberries and roasted peppers in orange caramel, arugula and almonds, 3 pc.

Sea Fish Ceviche | 39
Cubes of raw fish with red and green onion, parsley, aioli and a dash of chilly

Cauliflower 'Latkes' | 42
With herbs and turmeric on a bed of broccoli creme and yogurt, 3 pc.

Sweet Potato Frikase | 41
Oven baked sweet potato filled with tuna salad, pickled lemon, garlic aioli, pesto and a soft boiled egg

Soup of the day small\big | 35\43

Red Sun Eggplant | 47
With Tahini and roasted pepper-tomato salsa, served with bread


Salads are served with bread and butter

Tomato Salad | 59
Fresh tomatoes, colorful cherry tomatoes, red onion and roasted peppers in garlic-parsley vinaigrette on Labane cheese *Optional Tahini/Tuna
instead of Labane

Quinoa Deluxe | 59
Colorful quinoa with diced roasted sweet potato, red onions, chopped arugula, goat cheese, hazel nuts and cranberries

Roni's Salad | 59
Iceberg lettuce, red onions, cranberries, hazel nuts and almonds in Balsamic-date honey dressing, with Manchego cheese

Caesar Salad with Fresh Stir Fried Salmon and Mushrooms | 69
Crunchy Iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes, croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing (contains anchovies & parmesan)
*Optional Halloumi cheese instead of salmon


We serve fresh fish, dishes may vary due to daily supply Fish are served with potatoes/oven baked sweet potato (except Hriime)

Sea Fish Kebab | 83
With red peppers, coriander and garlic, on tahini & spicy Matbucha

Hriime – White Fish Fillet in Piquant Sauce | 88
With peppers, chickpeas and coriander on a bed of tahini, served with bread

The Sea Shakshuka | 92
Salmon & Mullet slices cooked in tomato sauce with 2 poached eggs, served with bread and homemade spicy sauce on the side

Maple-Mustard Salmon | 105
Oven baked with sesame black cumin 

Almonds Crusted Salmon with Balsamic wine dressing | 105

Corvina Fillet | 109
Seared, with sweet scented cauliflower-coconut creme

Whole Sea Bream in a Parcel | 122
Oven Baked with lemon, garlic and pesto

Local Wine

Sparkling wine

Lambrusco Rose | 99\29
Cava, Brut | 99\29


Glass of white wine, Semi-Dry | 22
Yogev Sauvignon Blanc

Chardonnay, Dry, Binyamina winery | 115\32
Tangy and dry, perfect with fish Gewurztraminer Reserve

Semi-Dry, Binyamina winery | 130\40
Light and fruity, slips down your throat and leaves you wanting more

Dalton Fum'e Blanc, Dry, Sauvignon Blanc | 130\40
Round and pleasant, accompanies piquant dishes perfectly

Alma Coral, Rose, Dalton winery | 130
Surprising Rose with a tempting color

Chardonnay Bravdo, Dry, Karmei Yosef winery | 150
Classic Chardonnay, with a delicate oak barrel flavor


Glass of red wine | 22

Yogev, Cabernet Sauvignon shiraz, Binyamina winery | 115\32
Nicely balanced Blend, perfect to indulge on

Cabernet Sauvignon Terra Rosa, Tavor winery | 125\35
Classy Cabernet, with body and presence

Merlot Bazelet, Tavor winery | 125\35
Typical Merlot, very refined

Alma Crimson, Red Blend, Dalton Winery | 165
Balanced Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc grapes

Reserve Merlot, Dalton Winery | 190
Intense wine with a presence, full body and a gorgeous color


Cappuccino S\L | 14\16
Espresso Short\Double | 9\11
Macchiato Short \Double | 9\11
Turkish Coffee | 10
Americano|Instant Coffee | 14
Tea: Lemon|Mint leaves\Ginger | 12
Tea Infusion (various) | 16
Cold\Hot Chocolate\Instant Coffee *milk based | 15


Coca Cola | 14
Diet Coca Cola | 14
Zero Coca Cola | 14
Sprite | 14
Diet Sprite | 14
Club Soda | 10
Fuze Tea | 15
Mineral Water | 12
Tonic Water | 15
Sparkling Water, 750 ml | 23
Malt Black Beer (Soda) | 14
Lemonade\Orange Juice | 14


Pecan Pie | 30
Warm and delicious

Baked Cheese Cake | 36
Velvety, served cold with Berries sauce

Crème Brule | 36
Classic vanilla crème topped with crunchy caramel

Toffee Crunch | 40
a crispy chocolate crumble with toffee sauce and salted caramel coated in chocolate gnash and crispy golden nuggets

Tarte Tatin | 40
The classic upside-down apple pie, served with vanilla ice cream

Orange Knafe | 40
Cheese wrapped in layers of Kadaif with orange syrup and pistachios

Halva Kadaif | 40
Rich Halva mousse on a bed of crunchy Kadaif with pistachios, date-honey and raw Tahini

Hot Chocolate-Toffee Cake | 44
Rich and soft centered, covered in homemade hot chocolate sauce, a dash of salty toffee, with vanilla ice cream

Wicked Nutella Waffle | 49
With homemade hot chocolate sauce, Nutella cream, vanilla ice cream and hazel nuts


Flavored Kir Royale – Passion Fruit\Violets\Peach | 32
Jaffa Sunrise – A classic with a twist | 43
Arak, Oranges and a touch of Grenadine Mojito – Classic sweet cocktail with lemon and mint leaves | 45
Strawberry Mombassa – Delicate Strawberry flavored with Berries and a Lemon twist | 45


Tuborg Draft (1/3 or 1/2) | 25\32
Shandy (1/3 or 1/2) | 26\33
Carlsberg\Stella Artois | 26
Somersby- alcoholic apple cider *gluten free | 22
Israeli Boutique Beer – ask your waiter


Arak | 25
Martini Bianco | 26
Vodka | 33
Campari | 35
Ouzo | 33
Jameson | 36
Gin|Strawberry Gin | 33\42
Jim Beam | 42
Johnny Black Label | 48


Apple Cider 18
With diced apple and a cinnamon stick
*add wine 10nis

Chocolate Bounty 19
A rich chocolate drink based on coconut cream with cinnamon

Hot Sahlab 19
Subttle Mediterranean style with nuts, coconut & cinnamon

Irish Coffee 38
Large cappuccino with a touch of cacao, whiskey and cinnamon


Berries Iced Tea | 17
Cold Coffee – Espresso based | 19
Limonana On The Rocks – Lemonade and Mint leaves ice smoothie | 20
Atraf fruit Shake – Mango, Banana, Melon, Honey and Cinnamon, milk based | 27
Tropical Shake – Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit, Orange based | 27
Sweet Dreams Shake – Strawberry, Banana, Dates, coconut milk based | 29
Black Forest Shake – Wiled Berries, coconut milk based | 29

Add Vodka\Arak +15 NIS